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Tired of living with your old, tired bathroom? Looking for a fresh new bathroom renovation to brighten up a dated suite? Here at Lux Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane, we specialise in high-quality bathroom renovations to breathe new life into one of the most used spaces in your home.

We always go the extra mile, and our bathroom designers based in Brisbane are ready and waiting to transform your space into the bathroom of your dreams. We understand that each bathroom renovation is just as unique as you are as a homeowner, so we take the time to get to know you and what you’re looking for from your bathroom remodel.

The modern, contemporary and clean look with glass and quality timber might appeal to you, or you might want to keep things more traditional with a roll-top bath and elegant cornicing. Whatever you have your heart set on, Lux Bathroom Renovations is here to make your dream a reality!

Antonio Gonzalez

With each project Antonio undertakes, he treats it with the same care and passion as if it was his own home. Looking to bring the clients expectations to life. Speak to use today and experience the difference of Lux.


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View a slideshow of our latest renovations. We always keep this updated with our latest showcase worthy renovations to help our customers.

A First-Class Bathroom Renovation Company

When you are starting a bathroom renovation there is a lot to consider if you’re going to have a space specifically designed for you and your unique needs. We work to ensure that the final result reflects your ideas and design options, creating a room that is not only functional and stylish but that ticks all of your boxes.

We have years of experience renovating bathrooms, from small spaces that need innovative storage space solutions to multi-million dollar mansions with top quality materials.

We Take Care Of Every Aspect Of Your Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Project

From start to finish, you can rest assured that when we take on any bathroom renovation that our main project focus is to make it high quality and functional, from the lighting choices when renovating to the perfect toilet or floor to suit your exact needs.


Every great bathroom renovation starts with a solid plan of action. We partner with you to give you a host of bathroom design ideas for your specific needs, creating an aesthetically pleasing space that you can enjoy day after day.


To complete your Brisbane bathroom renovations we take care of all the demolition work as safely as possible and with minimal disruption to your household. We can strip out all of the previous fixtures, wall coverings and flooring too.


Many of our bathroom renovations involve changing the positions of the main fixtures such as the bath, the shower, the toilet and the sink. This might be to make the room feel larger, and we take care of all the project planning in advance.

Electrical & Plumbing Adjustments

As we aim to achieve a complete bathroom renovation starting from scratch, our talented team have the ability to completely rewire with new power points and replumb the bathroom to suit the new bathroom design, whether it's where the new shower will go or a new toilet.

Bespoke Carpentry

It's the little things that count, so whether you need a brand new set of Australian made vanities to store your belongings in, or customised furniture in your Brisbane home you can rest assured nothing is too much trouble for us.


If you need new floors during your remodel, we have a huge range of waterproof options for you to choose from that ooze style and charm. Whether it's natural stone, ceramic tile or wood, we've got endless options for your bathroom renovation.


There's nothing better than a stylish new set of wall tiles in your bathroom which are easy to maintain and really enhance the look of the space. Whatever cost you have in mind, we can show you a selection of affordable and gorgeous bathroom tiles.


A fresh coat of paint is sometimes the simplest and most budget friendly approach to giving your bathroom a new personality. Whether it's simple white or magnolia, or something a bit more exciting, we can suggest the perfect palette for every type of bathroom.

Final Clean

Unlike many tradesmen, we take extra care to keep your house a home at all times, so you can be sure that once your perfect dream bathroom is in place we will clear away all of the building materials and debris and leave your bathroom spotless.

What Are The Top Benefits Of A Brisbane Bathroom Renovation?

There are so many reasons to choose our top-rated bathroom design service, and our Brisbane bathroom design team collaborates with you at every level to help create the perfect powder room, small bathroom area or large family bathroom.

From the initial design stage to completion, we are right there at your side. Just some of the benefits of choosing a new bathroom design with Lux Bathroom Renovations include:

Discover Top Bathroom Designs In Brisbane

Sometimes it can be hard to visualise a bathroom renovation project, so right from the start we aim to give you a complete overview of what your new space will potentially look like.

We have state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) technology at our disposal so when we create bathrooms the homeowner is able to make informed decisions and really get a feel for what the bathroom renovation will look like when complete.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to a bathroom remodel as each Brisbane home layout will be different and the space in the room needs to be in the same style as the rest of the property when you renovate.

We Have Brisbane Bathrooms For Every Budget

Some homeowners will want to opt for ultra-modern, sleek and stylish bathrooms with marble floor covering and luxury fixtures and fittings, whereas many will aim for a homely style with reduced cost, but still bursting with quality finishes and elegant charm. Whatever you have in mind, our team will ensure that all of your chosen bathroom furniture matches perfectly and that it will achieve your desired look.

Check Out Our Recent Bathroom Design and Renovations Ideas

If you’re wondering what other bathroom designs we have carried out here at Lux Bathroom Renovation Brisbane, take a look at our portfolio below and get inspired! Whether it’s smoky glass shower screens or specially installed task lights so you can get ready in front of the bathroom mirror – we can achieve anything your heart desires thanks to our team of expert bathroom designers.

Bespoke Bathroom Design With Customised Cabinetry and Hardware

In the same professional way we approach our kitchen renovations, we know that getting the bathroom you will love depends on a certain element of tailoring and bespoke creation. Sure, you can buy off-the-shelf vanity cupboards and other cabinetry, however if there’s something that just can’t be bought rest assured that whatever your budget we can give you that luxury touch your space deserves.

We plan, measure and fit every aspect of the vanity design, and we can adjust the plumbing in the wall to fit the new design.

So Many Bathtub Bathroom Designs To Choose From!

The choice of tub designs is truly mind-blowing, and we have access to all of the latest products so you can rest assured the bathroom designs we create for you are the very best they can be.

You might want a standalone bath as a focal point of the room away from the wall, or a luxury spa style of bath which is integrated into the space – whatever renovation you need, we will be sure to deliver your dream bathroom.

Selecting The Perfect Shower For Your Bathroom

Showers are playing an increasingly popular part in modern bathroom designs for their ease of use and range of innovative styles and designs.

A wetroom look with shower and shower screen placed together on the same level as the floor is one of the more requested bathroom designs in Brisbane, with task lighting above allowing light to flood the room.

You can even choose to have a shower over your bath with shower screens blocking the water from spilling out if you need a space-efficient solution.

We'll Help You To Find The Right Toilet

Back-to-wall toilets are a top choice if you want to focus your renovation project on space saving qualities, and wall hung toilets are going to give you that modern and fresh futuristic look.

A close-coupled toilet brings Brisbane bathrooms into the 21st century, sitting flush to the back of the wall with the cistern easily accessible, and you can also choose the perfect style and shape of toilet to complement the other fixtures.

It can sometimes be difficult to choose items on their own, so when we help you choose toilets, you can rest assured we bring every aspect of the design together cohesively.

Consider The Bathroom Lighting

A bathroom renovation is not complete without proper lighting. You may want to install some ambient lighting during the renovation project so that the whole room is aglow, or you can opt for task lighting too that makes bathrooms multi-functional places in the home.

The quality of bathrooms can really be improved with the correct light levels, and our team of expert interior designers will walk you through all of lighting and light fixture choices available to you.

A Safe Bathroom Renovation Service

Not only do we keep your home clean, but we will also take a range of measures to make sure every bathroom renovation in Brisbane we undertake is carried out safely:

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We can also handle kitchen renovations too with a range of gorgeous kitchen design ideas. Our design team are able to produce a range of kitchen design ideas with their eye for detail and years of experience, as well as taking your own kitchen design ideas on board to create something spectacular.

So, if it’s luxury bathroom design you’re looking for or modern kitchen design, look no further than Lux Bathroom Renovations in Brisbane.

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