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Looking for high-quality bathroom renovations to really make the most of your space? Need bathroom renovators with an extensive history of delivering bathrooms with superior levels of style and luxury? As top-rated bathroom renovators in Brisbane, you can be sure that we have the skill and passion to transform your Brisbane home with modern and beautiful designs to suit your taste.

Bathrooms can come in all shapes and styles, and when we renovate a property you can be sure that we will bring the project in on budget and on time. We are well-known for our warm and friendly service towards our customers in Brisbane, and we always aim to bring our dedication to each job, from the planning stage to helping you choose quality fittings for the project, as well as contemporary tiles and walls to make you the envy of your neighbours.


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High-Quality Complete Bathroom Renovations

With a level of service not found in any other bathroom renovations company, we exceed our customers expectations every time, keeping the job at the cost agreed upon, renovating everything from the tiling to the plumbing to the highest of standards.

Whether it’s a small renovation job such as the installation of a new toilet, shower or bathtub or a major remodel including waterproofing the walls and floors before the contractors install new vanity cabinets and shower screens, all of our bathrooms are guaranteed to look amazing when we’ve finished.

Creating Your Affordable Dream Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

Want to create your dream bathroom renovations on a budget? Whatever budget you have set aside for your project, our team will always aim to bring every job in on budget so you can have the luxury you want at a price you love.

A dream bathroom doesn’t have to cost the earth, so making simple swaps on the project can really allow you the charm and style you’re looking for at a fraction of the price.

You can opt for store bought vanity units instead of having them created bespoke. Our Brisbane team can help at the planning stage too, showing you design ideas for your bathroom renovations that mimic expensive looks but for an affordable price.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Your New Space

When you choose to collaborate with our expert team on your renovations project in Brisbane, you can be sure that every job will be carefully catered to your budget, tastes and styles. We have a team of Brisbane based renovators who will show you exactly what can be achieved with your space.


Whether it's a square toilet with matching sink and taps, or a rainforest shower head with smokey glass screen, we know exactly what it takes to create a fresh new look.


If you love a dialed down tone with gorgeous lighting options hanging from the ceiling and a roll top bath, our team understands how to blend tradition with elegance.

Split bathrooms

If you and your partner tend to use bathrooms simultaneously, a split bathroom with a huge walk-in shower and his and hers sinks is something to consider.


With proper waterproofing in place we can turn bathrooms into wetrooms for a clean look and design that is low maintenance and contemporary.

What Can I Expect From A Bathroom Renovation?

A complete bathroom renovation project encompasses so many aspects, however as a Brisbane based company with extensive experience in the industry, all of our renovations in Brisbane run smoothly and we are there by your side from the initial design phase right through to completion.

Take a look below at the various stages a bathroom renovation undergoes to create your dream bathroom.

Initial Assessment

Here we sit down with the homeowners and walk through everything the renovation will entail. We listen to what you want from your bathroom and set about creating detailed plans and drawings to bring it to life.

We provide hundreds of samples of the kind of tiling you want, choices for bathtubs, trays and shower screens, as well as having an overall image in mind so we can tie everything together beautifully on the project.

Stripping Out

To create a blank canvas for our bathroom renovation team, we strip everything out of your bathroom and take it back to the basics. We remove vanities, bathtubs, bath frames, wall and floor tiles, as well as sheeting.

Rest assured that even though this stage can be loud and messy, we are seasoned professionals and will make sure that your domestic life is disturbed as little as possible during this process in your house.

Renovating can create lots of dust and debris, but we will lay sheets and take extra precautions so that the dirt doesn’t make its way into the rest of your house. All rubbish and debris is taken care of as standard.

Preparing The Bathroom

Depending on the condition of your existing walls and sheeting, we might have to install new water-resistant membranes to the floor and walls of the bathroom to make sure all the waterproofing is taken care of to a high standard for a water-tight environment.

The floor and wall tiling comes next to create the base for your new bathroom, and it’s at this exciting design stage that you really get a feel for how your bathroom is going to look. You might have opted for a painted surface, and we usually complete that last so it doesn’t get dirty during the installation process.

You may also need various plastering or rendering tasks at this stage before the wall tiles go on, or for the ceiling.

Plumbing and electrical happens at this stage too, especially if you are having a different layout to the bathroom which means electrical sockets, pipes and drainage solutions need to be reconfigured.

Installation Stage

Here’s where your new facilities are installed from the bathtub and the shower tray, to the shower screen, sinks, toilets, bidets and any other large furniture such as cabinetry and vanity units.

We may have to create bath frames from scratch, or design and install bespoke cabinetry or custom sized shower screens.

As part of the finishing touches in the installation stage, we hang mirrors, add lighting options as well as everything that makes your bathroom come together such as tapware, towel rails and radiators.

Final Clean

Once the bathroom remodeling is complete, we make sure to clear away all of the leftover debris from the space and give it a thorough clean so that when we present your bathroom renovation project to you it is glistening!

How Long Does An Average Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Take?

With our expert team of contractors in Brisbane we aim to have your bathroom remodel completed as quickly as possible. However, it can take time to go through the entire process of remodeling, from the initial design stage to ripping out old fixtures and fittings, then installing the new products in a careful and precise manner.

It usually can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to complete an entire bathroom renovation and ensure professional work in your Brisbane home.

Renovations can depend on a number of factors including the availability of the materials, whether they need to be imported specially, and the extent of the bathroom renovation process.

The Many Benefits Of A Brisbane Bathroom Renovation

When you choose bathroom renovations for your home, there are a whole host of benefits you can reap. They are an integral room in your home, and whether you opt for a small bathroom renovation or need a complete overhaul of a larger space, there’s no doubt your property will overall benefit from clean and fresh design ideas.

Let’s have a look at just some of the many advantages of bathroom renovations in Brisbane:

Gives existing old, tired spaces an upgrade

If there have been lots of things in your current bathroom that you have taken issue with, be it broken flooring or a toilet that doesn't flush properly, then a completely new bathroom will take care of that thanks to a host of new fixtures and fittings to give it a new lease of life. The products you choose now will last for decades and won't need replacing for a very long time.

Add luxury to your old bathroom

If you have slowly been upgrading the rest of your home with modern decor, then your bathroom may be one of the last rooms that needs tackling. Bring your bathroom into the 21st century in style with premium fittings and quality materials in the new design. Choose marble floor tiling and wall tiling for a stunning effect, or decorate with gorgeous chrome.

Create lots more space

If you have a small bathroom but want to open it up, then now is the time to consider expanding the space available to you. It might be possible to knock down walls to create more room, or you may only need to rearrange the configuration of the fixtures to make your new bathroom appear larger than it really is, and make the most of the space.

Make your very own at home spa

Sometimes we feel like we need a break from the mundane and head to the spa for our favourite treatments. However, our bathroom renovators can show you awesome design ideas when you choose to renovate the entire space to create something brand new. Why not opt for a steam shower or a jet-powered whirlpool bath to help you unwind after a hard day at work?

Increase your home's value

It's no secret that one of the key selling features of a modern property is the bathroom. When you choose a bathroom renovation in your home it is an investment that will give a good return on investment when it goes on the market. Make sure to keep your renovation in line with the overall style of your home and don't feel the need to choose top-of-the-line features.

Energy efficiency savings

If you have old fittings such as an electric shower which is bumping up your energy bills, then new bathroom fixtures created with energy saving in mind are going to cut down on your long-term running costs. The initial outlay on a new suite for your bathroom will give you a return over the years simply because of its innovative, contemporary design.

The Best Bathroom Renovation Services In Brisbane

As a bathroom renovations company operating for over 25 years in Brisbane, we know exactly what it takes to complete a quality, budget friendly renovation. We provide expert advice throughout the renovation service, and always put our valued customers at the heart of every JOB we do.

With our years of industry experience in plumbing, tiling and electrical work we guarantee that when you hire us for your Brisbane bathroom renovation you’ll be amazed at the final results.

From the initial fixed price quote we provide to the reliable planning and execution of the bathroom renovation, we are always dedicated to providing friendly and knowledgeable first-class services to all of our customers.

Whatever kind of budget you have for your renovations in Brisbane properties, our bathroom renovators will be able to achieve your desired look for a cost you’re happy with on every job.

We offer our services to customers in multi-million dollar mansions looking for bathrooms with a high level of opulence, to smaller residential homes seeking to make the most out of their space for a specific cost.

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